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Speech Therapy for Children in Birmingham Alabama
Pediatric Speech Therapy in Birmingham Alabama
Speech Therapy for Children in Birmingham Alabama

Speech Disorders

Difficulty producing speech sounds as characterized by omitting sounds from words, substituting one sound for another, and distorting speech sounds. Articulation errors may make it difficult for the child to be understood by others.

When an individual has difficulty understanding and using the sound system for how sounds fit together to create words. A child may display patterns of speech errors and incorrectly produce groups of sounds (sounds produced in the back of the mouth, sounds at the ends of words, sounds at the beginning of words, etc). The use of phonological processes in speech, especially when several are used at the same time, can greatly affect the ability to be understood by others.

A motor speech disorder that makes it difficult for children to coordinate their speech mechanism (lips, teeth, tongue, jaw) to produce speech sounds. CAS is often characterized by inconsistent speech sound errors.

A category of speech disorders that includes stuttering and cluttering. Stuttering involves a disruption in the fluency of speech, often involving repetitions or prolongations of sounds, syllables, words, or phrases. For an individual who stutters, these dysfluencies often occur quite frequently and are difficult to control. Cluttering involves breakdown in an individual’s fluency due to rapid and/or irregular rate of speech.

Language Disorders

Language disorders may include having difficulty understanding what others are saying (receptive), having difficulty expressing one's own thoughts and feelings (expressive), or both.

A late talker is a toddler between 18-30 months who has difficulty in the area of spoken language or expressive communication. He or she can understand language and is developing typically in the areas of play skills, motor skills, thinking skills, and social skills, but has a small spoken vocabulary for his or her age.

ASD is a developmental disorder that affects the social, behavioral, and communicative aspects of an individual’s life. Individuals with autism have difficulty effectively communicating with others and socially relating to others. Manifestations of the disorder vary widely between individuals.

A child’s ability to use language in social situations by adapting language to fit social contexts, recognize social cues, and understand nonverbal language

Higher order thinking and reasoning skills that if impaired may give children trouble with attention, planning, and organizational skills.