4 Reasons Why We Provide Home-Based Speech Therapy

“Research informs us that young children learn in the context of their real-life activities and with people most important to them.”

- Dathan Rush, EdD, CCC-SLP


At Steel City Speech, our number one priority is seeing your child thrive through the most effective speech therapy possible. We believe providing speech and language therapy in your home is the best way to reach this goal for 4 specific reasons. 

1. Children learn best where they are most comfortable

At home, children are able to generalize quicker and apply what they are learning in therapy to their everyday routines (i.e., mealtimes, brushing teeth, family chores, etc.). In fact, we believe that these everyday routines provide the key to lasting change. We have a play-based, child-directed therapy approach that motivates the child to engage with the therapist and parent and to invite them into his or her own world.

2. Home-based therapy gives insight to the therapist

Being in the home gives the therapist a window into that child’s unique little world. Our therapy is highly individualized and catered to that child’s specific needs. The clinician is able to grasp a clearer picture of a child’s strengths and areas of improvement when observed in the home. Furthermore, by working with you and observing your child during normal routines, we can teach how to alleviate tension during especially difficult times of the day and explain how language plays a huge role in behavioral issues.

3. Home-based therapy engages parents / caregivers in a deeper way

By providing services directly in the home, we are able to teach parents and caregivers specific strategies to implement around the home and during normal routines. Involvement by caregivers has a profound impact on a child’s responsiveness to speech therapy. We come alongside parents to coach them in how to engage their child and naturally practice speech and language strategies all throughout the day.

4. Home-based therapy is convenient for families

Finally, we can’t forget to mention how convenient it is for the parent/caregiver! As moms ourselves, we know how nice it is to have someone come to you without having to pack up your child (and possibly siblings) to sit in a clinic for an hour. We hope that by making speech therapy as stress-free and enjoyable for your child and the rest of your family, we will see your child thrive in language and in life.